My little handsomes..


Where does the time go?

5 years ago today Mason was born. I went from working full time, being totally independent, doing pretty much whatever I wanted to being thrust into this new world of being a mom. It was a hard adjustment at first.. not knowing what to do with this new little guy that I was now in charge of. Oh how I wish I could go back and savor every little moment that we had together those first few months instead of stressing about every little thing. I am now pregnant with our third little boy and I plan to take everything in knowing that this will be my last. I can't believe that Mason is 5, he has been a joy in our life and I love him more than I could ever begin to explain. He is hilarious, smart, loving, handsome, a great big brother and just a great kid. Where did the time go??


Palmer Speedway

Almost every night the boys go out on the driveway and set up their racetrack and race their cars. What are we going to do when it gets cold?

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